UNICORN is a full-service provider with flexible operations to satisfy your needs.

The following table illustrates the breadth and depth of our services. You can benefit from working individually with any part of our organization, or combine our capabilities to deliver integrated, comprehensive, value-added solutions.

Leadership Role

UNICORN leads and coordinates the “big picture”. We manage the critical path of the project, dealing directly with the owner. We hire and manage the labor force as well as the subcontractors to function as a unified team. We actively participate in the project’s construction. Whether we self-perform or delegate the work, we are held accountable for our team’s overall performance.

Management Duty

UNICORN gladly accepts subcontracting roles that oversee component parts of a larger solution being provided by a prime contractor. Though acting as a “sub”, we project a unified front and function in harmony with the GC. We integrate well and enjoy working with others. Prime contractors trust us to do the job right. We are self-sufficient and proactive. We act promptly and professionally, work full days, and often go the extra mile. We are respectful of others, and mindful of schedules.

Engineering Support

UNICORN staff engineers provide expert advice and creative solutions. Our veterans of design engineering can confront any problem, anytime, anywhere along the way. Their involvement improves efficiency, underscores safety and insures structural integrity. We foresee problems, mitigate hazards, and remedy situations that arise with engineered solutions. We can also provide value-engineering or suggest cost savings alternates in the form of design and material options. Our engineers provide an invaluable safety blanket over your project.

Equipment Rental

We operate and maintain our own fleet of equipment, including: earth moving equipment, traffic maintenance equipment, small machinery and tools. Machines, tools and operators are available to you on demand whether we manage and oversee your project or not. We fully insure all of our equipment. Our operators are experienced technicians and licensed to run our equipment.