Celebrating its 24th anniversary this year, UNICORN construction is a family owned and operated business. Founded in 1997 by Sanjeev Dhawan, and joined by his father, Sudesh, in 1998, both are licensed professional engineers with a passion for building.

They launched their business providing curb, sidewalk and paving solutions. Since that time, however, they have expanded their core competencies and now offer: General Contracting, Engineering Support and Equipment Rental Services as they relate to roads and bridges, concrete structures, utilities, flatwork, and structural rehabilitation.

UNICORN has a longstanding track record with all the major public agencies and prime general contractors for being innovative, efficient, safe, and reliable. Its experience in the field is backed by an in-house team of managers, engineers, and craft foremen that work together to meet any strategic or tactical challenge head on.

We entrench ourselves in our business and communities. As a result, over the years, while the industry has observed promising start ups come and go, UNICORN has demonstrated staying power. We have adopted business practices and principles that foster success. Our long-term vision is realized one day at a time and channeled by commitment to each other and our partners. As a result, UNICORN has enjoyed a steady, organic growth rate based on client satisfaction and repeated business.

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