Normal wear and tear on the city's transportation infrastructure is anything but normal.

The backdrop for UNICORN construction is the most diverse, challenging, and dynamic urban workplace in the world – New York City, the big apple. Known for its rich history as the gateway for immigration to the United States and its formidable status as a de factor financial, cultural, fashion, entertainment, transportation, and manufacturing capital, the city draws more than 40 million tourists, both foreign and domestic, to it each year.

Despite its solid bedrock foundation and reputation, normal wear and tear on the city’s transportation infrastructure is anything but normal and requires constant planning and activity to build, preserve, and maintain it. Ironically, the same telecommunication advancements that alleviate traffic congestion, allowing people to communicate remotely rather than in person, also fuel globalization, drawing more people together for business and pleasure than ever before.

Thus, a multi-billion dollar marketplace exists for qualified service providers that can eliminate congestion, design and build transportation elements and facilities, preserve historic transportation landmarks, or otherwise satisfy the transportation needs of special interest groups. It’s our business and distinct pleasure to do just that!

As one of New York City’s finest heavy, civil general contractors (GC), UNICORN specializes in the construction, maintenance and repair of transportation structures and facilities in urban settings. With management offices in New Jersey and field operations throughout the five Boroughs of New York City, we are ready, willing and able to assist you with your project.

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